Artists’ Statement 2010

Project name Darkside of the Multitude refers to a term of Franco Berardi. He describes the negative force of capitalism, that is implanted to the individual, as a refrain from affections. This can be seen as a fear of inter-connectedness when the individual stops the flow of affections and freezes. We recognize this in ourselves and in a fellow citizen. We want to explore the phenomenon openly and transform it in to performatic actions on a stage of the Society.

Darkside of the multitude is a collective of three. Our group follows situationistic tradition and avoids making art objects. We choose semiotic impotence rather than fueling up the spectacle society. In other words, it is not necessary to address meaning behind the action or art work. This is because social conventions and the symbols we use in our art and communication are all interwined in to the machine of cognitive capitalism; we have become psychopathologically victims of its constant demands. To realize this is a releaf in itself – and a first step on a recovery. Secondly comes an action: performative approaches or anti-spectacles, like we want to call our appearances. Situationistic ideas are our tools to get through the empire, towards autonomous moments.

We understand the danger of our works turning in to a commodity, or being valued through capitalism. That is why we are ready to detourn and even destroy our products if it’s needed. Act of art is more important than the result.

Consumeristic nature of public places invites us to analyze and mutate what is artificially designed to penetrate our lives. We trespass to supermarkets and places which can offer a terrain for observing the borderline between the public and the personal. These experimentations are mixing the norms and leaving marks of happening. Instead of being repetitioners of proposed activities, we learn about the multiple layers that are the evolution by modern arbitrary power upon us. System provides us readymade leisure time, we fantasize about breaking those patterns.


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