Surgery of transsubjective aberration

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Resonance chamber was created in the basement interior just before the poetry event. To mute a poet was in favour of the sensibility of situation. The enchantment of the audience took care of the succession of surgery.

We are not saying that to operate psychic organs is a therapy session, but it can become such. All depends on the varying and communicative components between spectator and performer and the subjectification of collective attitude. We study how the collective psyche functions by offering immediate experiment. Psychic realm is already beign treated when there is reception. When attention is targeted to reunderstanding what way psyche can be comprehended, the surgery play already transforms in to real becoming.


Transsubjektiivisen aberraation sektio

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Lets try how according to Bracha Ettinger the artist is a doctor and a patient, redistributing a multiple-several and shared sinthôme where the drive and
desire meets a Thing on the screen of phantasy.

Surgery took place at the Breathing-pop up gallery (Turku) on Thursday 10.5. Duration of the performance was one episode of Emergency Room.

intersection is the face

April 3, 2012 § 1 Comment

Even when face becomes abstract, all it does is rediscover the black hole and the white wall

Darkside of the Multitude is with others

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2012 – Year of the Collective 20.10. – 13.11.2011

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Call for Entries.

2012 – Year of the Collective is a three week project. Artists collectives BETA, DSM, IE and SM invite other collectives to work together in Gallery Titanik, Turku. We will see what others have, mix all together and link the connections again, collectives will diffuse into one an others. 2012 is an entry gate to the change of the mental. We will become a collective of the collectives.

Deadline for the applications is 16.9.2011 to For more info contact us.

Wisdom of the Plants

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I built a stage which is too big to separate performance and its audience from each other.

During the opening night the stage will transform into an leaking page.

Darkside of the Multitude will have a demonstrated presentation on how the nature of corporeality is changed while our culture is penetrated by techno-communication. Learning from the wisdom of the plants, we transform our thinking into a material form.  Even though the plant is tied to the ground by its roots, it is making connections with birds. So do we let the codes flow trough us and widen our territory. Through this state of co-poesis – or interconnectedness – an abstract machine will occur.

Darkside of the Multitude is a collective of three. We see our work as part of the situationistic tradition. As a tool we use our own social restriction – the dark side of the multitude. This refrain in social situations is a phenomenon that we both study and try to overcome in our situations.

Live presentation on Friday July 29 at 6 pm at Galleria Rajatila, Tampere. Welcome!

Wisdom of the Plants

Snapshots from the video. Video shoot by Emma Pohja.

Imaginaarisen tehdas?

Ritualistic greeting at the altar of Capitalismus (aka Nicole Kidman’s Choice)

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Situation at an exhibtition opening.

She built an altar. We came. We let the desire log in, inscript itself to our bodies. This is a primitive ritual updated.

photography by Heli Luoma